It is 2019, and the old days are gone! Looking forward, history is made every new day with our hard work.
We have a new University President and a new Governor. The FAMUFF has a highly qualified, rational, empathetic, honest, capable, and strong person to lead our team in finishing negotiations for the new CBA, and to move forward with achieving greatness for FAMU forever. I plan to meet everyone in the FAMU community that I don’t already know such that I can answer any questions about this labor union chapter.

Solidarity amongst the FAMU community (i.e., our students, neighbors, faculty, staff, and University Administration) is superordinate to any individual. As your FAMUFF President, I propose that we will know the past only as a means to not repeat prior errors. We fight for the advancement of FAMU first, foremost, and forever with no stone unturned and or any worry of petty individual disagreement. FAMU can accomplish great things with a strong, vibrant, demanding, inclusive, hard-working community of role players (i.e., faculty, staff, students, administration, alumni, etc.) moving forward.

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will be vigorously enforced, improved, and defended such that the University moves forward. We must continue to negotiate fair equitable wages for the group along with protecting hard earned workers’ rights and freedoms. We will continue these critical operations, however we will collaboratively (i.e., working with ‘not against’ University Administration, staff, and faculty) to develop new ways to improve the quality of life for FAMU employees in our bargaining group. This improvement for our bargaining group means a significant improvement for FAMU and the people that we represent in our community. Rise FAMU!

FAMU First FAMU Forward FAMU Forever,
Roscoe Hightower, Jr., PhD.
FAMUFF President| Centennial Eminent Scholar Chair and Professor for Marketing and Management| Facility Management Accreditation Commission (FMAC)| FMAC Board of Directors| IFMA Foundation Advisor

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